Monday, November 22, 2010

Photo of the Day........Beluga Whale

I know the real purpose for me to be here is jhh5 <--- babysitting, but I still hoped for some photo ops., or should I say photo oops.  So I shouldn't complain but I am going to anyway.  Shooting conditions have been crappy!  I was shooting yesterday in the rain forest in the mid day hours at ISO 1000 to hold f/8.0.  Previously I was trying to shoot on top of snow covered Grouse Mountain with snow falling and thick clouds.  Before that I was trying to shoot at the Vancouver Aquarium in rain and fog and really no sun.  I brought my tripod but when sneaking shots while chasing a grand kid a tripod is not an option.  In all it  was an awesome opportunity to stretch and learn.  What did I learn?  If anything I learned Beluga Whales are VERY VERY white.

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