Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photos of the Day......Tornado Damage at the Kimberling Inn Resort

I won't burden this photo blog with a lot of commentary.  Kimberling Inn has been a source of many family dinners and parties, company dinners and Christmas parties and just sitting around having drinks and good times.  Most of the buildings are destroyed, or at least beyond reasonable repair.  As you look at these photos please feel free to enlarge and look around and wonder like the rest of us how these things got where they are.  How did a whole section of roof, trussing and piping get from it's home to across the street in one piece.  Tornadoes are like tantrums they throw things everywhere with a chaotic rage.  My purely amateur guess is this tornado was not the same one that went through Branson and was an EF2 in size.   I will post my Branson tornado photos tomorrow.  I need some sleep.  

Again please click in the images to enlarge and explore them in detail.

Photos of the Day.....Over Night Tornadoes hit the Ozarks

I awoke to the news that Kimberling City and Branson Missouri were struck by midnight hour tornadoes last night.  Instead of calling I decided to drive right down first thing to check on my 87 year old mother and was pleased to see she was undamaged.  However across the bay from her home it was a different story.  

By midday I was in Branson Missouri checking on the condo property.  I found
The main drag through Branson, Music Highway 76 to be a mess and cordoned off at locations. 

My first Branson photo is the Ria Motel on Music Highway 76.   

Ria Motel before midnight last night

Ria's Motel the next morning

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Photo of the Day......Late Night at YVR

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 late night arrival at Vancouver International Airport.


Photo of the Day....Girl Meets Snake

Little Girl meet Mr. Boa Constrictor.  Mr. Boa Constrictor meet sweet meat snack.

Little Girl meet Mr. Boa Constrictor.  Mr. Boa Constrictor meet sweet meat snack.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo of the Day.....Abandoned Texas Mansion

I have no history on this property.  It is located south of Austin Texas and is marked with no trespassing signs but since it is obviously about to come crashing down I stopped to record it.  It sits along the side of the road in the middle of no where so I'm imagining a cattle baron owned this home once upon a time and it sat in the middle of an expansive spread of acres and acres of long horn cattle.   


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo of the Day......Abandoned Prairie Home

Another photo from drought ridden Cimmaron County Oklahoma