Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo of the Day..........Ozarkers, Can you tell me the name of this plant

I spotted these plants growing on the east side of the general assembly building and I have no idea what they are.  They have soft fuzzy leaves and bright yellow flowers on the top stalk.  These plants stand between four to six feet tall.  Any locals know what they are called?  They look semi-arid in origin to me.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bonus Photo of the Day....Edit Blunder Turns Interesting

While editing a photo I messed up the healing brush settings and got an interesting result so tried some healing brush "painting" and got this.  

Photo of the Day...... I'm a little Thunderstorm Short and Stout

4:30PM at the intersection of USH-65 and Evans Road.  It's a perfectly clear cloudless day except for this one little thunderstorm to the southeast.  Trying to become mean and nasty on some town somewhere.  My guess West Plains?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bonus Photo of the Day........I'm sure there is a reason??

I am sure there was a reason to put tiny clown car wheels on great big railroad freight cars but I can't think of one.

Bonus Photo of the Day....Lady in Black

Here is a B&W of the "Lady in Black" taken with window light only.  This room is bright and awash in sunlight.  To the right is a skylight that also evens out the room light.  It makes for a very good studio. 


Photo of the Day......Low Key Lighting

We learn by doing is the old expression.  I've been dipping my toe into  portraiture.  I have not invested in the studio lighting gear needed so these are crude attempts using only a couple floods and one spot, and natural window light.  I will be posting a few low-key, color and black and white "Noir" portraits over the next few days.  This photo was taken with one floodlight to photo right.  I mixed the lighting around to open and close the light in different areas with different set ups.  As I said.  We learn by doing.  

Finally, I will be revisiting this "Lady in Black" theme again come this fall when the sun is lower in the sky and streaming into the tall south facing windows.  

I have to also mention the real quality in any of these photos is due to the model.  She is awesome.  


Friday, June 10, 2011

Make up Photo of the Day..........Self Portrait

Yea.  That's me in the car.  Can't you see me?  It's me, really.  Me and my little Prius. 

Photo of the Day......I can't help it if I am CUTE!

I am Sir Rooster du Purrr.  My heart belongs to an Edinburgh Lass, but alas she is so far away.