Thursday, February 24, 2011

PHOTO OF THE DAY......................SHUTTLE LAUNCH

In honor of the final flight of Discover OV-103 I am posting a scan of a print of a photo I took back on May 4, 1989 of Atlantis OV-104.  While witnessing my one and only space shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  Amazingly not many people were there.  Maybe because the shuttle launches had become pretty routine by then.  Maybe because it was  a Thursday.   Maybe because it was in the spring.  I was fortunate enough to be travelling from Miami to Jacksonville and stopped in to visit my college roommate who worked at KSC.  I rode a bus to the edge of the water opposite the launch pad.  I had to be using my EOS Elan and EF 100-300  4.5-5.6 lens.  At 300mm of course.  I took a lot of photos but have only scanned in three.  I don't remember what film I used.  I'd have to look into the archives to find the film.  So here is an old photo of Atlantis.  Remind me to tell the story of watching an Air Force satellite launch when they launched the rocket into the middle of a thunderstorm and had to blow it up.  Never saw a thing. Just a very loud roar and then KA-BOOM!!  I think I have a few photos of that event archived.

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