Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photo of the Day......Big Horn Sheep Ewe with Lamb

You all may have noticed I have abandoned the "dynamic" blog format for the older "simple" format.  I hope this doesn't negatively impact your visit.  Even though the dynamic format was pleasant it required a couple extra keystrokes to leave a comment and I am very interested in any comments you may wish to leave on the site.  I also noticed that the dynamic format would not work on the iPhone.  Even though the iPhone accounts for only 5% of the visiting traffic I felt it may be locking some people out.  

I am still working on photos taken in No Mans Land out in the Oklahoma panhandle, recording the drought conditions there.  Tonight I have a related image but a bit different than the usual.  On the morning of July 2nd I spotted a herd of Big Horn ewes with lambs and yearlings climbing up the east side of Black Mesa. I was afraid that they would hurry up the mountain side if I took time to set up the tripod so I attached the 200mm lens with the 2X extender to the camera and held it against a rock to steady my hand and hoped the image stabilizer worked as advertized.  

This photo is of a ewe with suckling lamb.  I am sure she is looking back at me to be sure I behave.  Please notice the dead grass all around the ewe.  Survival is tough for them in this drought.  They survive on grasses during the summer and you can see most all the grasses surrounding them is dead.  

I know very little about the sheep of Black Mesa but I am making inquires and hope to tell you more about them as I post additional photos.


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