Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo of the Day....Very Beautiful Girl

I noticed this White Morph female Red Tailed Hawk sitting high in the trees in the back yard.  She caught my attention because she was such a big girl.  I was certain she would be gone by the time I grabbed my camera but she sat in the tree tops for a long time not at all concerned about me.  I believe, looking at the bulge in her throat she was very busy digesting her afternoon snack.  It appears her crop is full.   

Later she returned and I spotted her in an old squirrel's nest finishing her kill but, this time, being true to form, she was gone by the time I got my camera.  What I noticed, that I had never seen before, were Cardinals and House Finches sitting in the branches around her as she ate.  I assume they were waiting to grab a meat snack or two when she was done.  She was completely oblivious to their presence.  

Photographing birds in the backyard, even in the winter, can be a challenge because the tree stand density is enough to make it difficult to find a clear view of the bird without interfering small branches between you and the subject.  Usually in the summer the leaf canopy is too thick to see even a fraction of the birds hanging about in the trees.    


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    But now you know: I follow you here since January but you can't see it.

    I love bird photography...
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