Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photos of the Day......Tornado Damage at the Kimberling Inn Resort

I won't burden this photo blog with a lot of commentary.  Kimberling Inn has been a source of many family dinners and parties, company dinners and Christmas parties and just sitting around having drinks and good times.  Most of the buildings are destroyed, or at least beyond reasonable repair.  As you look at these photos please feel free to enlarge and look around and wonder like the rest of us how these things got where they are.  How did a whole section of roof, trussing and piping get from it's home to across the street in one piece.  Tornadoes are like tantrums they throw things everywhere with a chaotic rage.  My purely amateur guess is this tornado was not the same one that went through Branson and was an EF2 in size.   I will post my Branson tornado photos tomorrow.  I need some sleep.  

Again please click in the images to enlarge and explore them in detail.

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