Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo of the Day........Was it Friday the 13th?!

I would love to blame it on Friday the 13th., but I can't point a finger at Jason.   After setting up for the Persied shower I took a couple test shots and ignored the results.  The first rule of photography.  FOCUS! FOCUS!  FOCUS!  I didn't set the focus.  The first rule of any endeaver is CHECK, CHECK AND RECHECK!  I never checked much less rechecked.  Infinity is infinity, but with cameras infinity is infinity +/- Getting a meteor in the sensor it about 80% luck and 20% skill and I lacked both last Friday the 13th.  So here is a meteor from Friday.   And, to save face, at least a little, a meteor from the 2007 Perseids.  
I don't want to talk about it!
                                                                    Before my camera keep such  good records
On a serious note.  I want to comment on the worsening night sky conditions.  This problem has grown worse every year from my own back yard, but it's not just a Springfield problem, it is a world wide problem.  As we feel the need to wrap ourselves in a false security blanket of more and more light we are losing touch with our natural world.   We talk about chemical pollution a lot but we never talk about light pollution and sound pollution both of which are destroying our health just as the chemical pollution is.   

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