Monday, September 6, 2010

Bonus Photo of the Day..............Winter Blue Jay

I am actually making progress on the next photo assignment, the advertising shot.  I am working out a means to hold the objects in the air in front of the white translucent background.  Which means I will end up buying something.  I've also been studying the lighting through the translucent  background to see which will work best with the objects.  Definitely will need an umbrella or investment in a soft box.  Also seem to be time to get a reflector.  I Hope to have a few test shots before the day is over.

Also making progress on the fashion shot.  Now that I seem to have a model I have been able to select a pose that seems to match her face best.  

Too far down the road to talk about the remaining four projects.

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And, still visiting old photos trying to get them  reorganized so here is another from January of this year
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