Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photo of the Day.....Patron Ad recreation

I've decided to give up on plan A for now and work on plan B so I would have a photo by the end of the month to meet the deadline.  I feel fairly close on this one.   I need to buy some translucent plastic for the bottom of the photo to get the lighting even and the tone equal from top to bottom.  I need a smaller glass than we have since I don't intend to use the shot glass with gin in it.  I should get plastic ice to match the magazine ad but not going to.  I'll use real ice.  And, on the overall it needs some more illumination.  Finally I'll try the pencil trick to see if i can get the bottle sides to edge out more by drawing a line along each side to create more contrast.  As I approach the right lighting I'll add the green ribbon and the slice of lime in the glass.

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