Monday, May 23, 2011

Bonus Photo of the Day......Beauty within the Belly of the Beast

The storm that devastated Joplin, MO 80 miles to the west of us pasted just to the south of us and as the storm passed to the east an intense rainbow formed.  

As I stepped out of the house to enjoy some post storm fresh air my neighbor across the street shouted "Get you camera!  and pointed eastward and upward.  I turned to see an extremely intense rainbow.  In the time it took for me to find my camera low clouds began to obscure the upper part of the bow, and neary obscure the double bow.  Still the ends were extremely intense.   

I am one of thousands of Ozarkers  who took photos of this rainbow and almost all of them are better than this one.  My favorite being a portrait of two people with the rainbow end descending right behind them.  Nice work Kelsenator!  But, still it is worth sharing.  

This tornado storm may turn out to be the deadliest in Missouri history.  I believe it is the worse I've ever witnessed.  Nature is brutally beautiful and seemingly the more magnificently brutal the storm the more majestically beautiful is it.   

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