Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo of the Day......Forster's Terns at Lake Springfield

A few days ago I spotted a couple migrating Forster's Terns fishing on the lake.  I didn't have the proper shooting tools with me so I watched them fly dart  veer and dive straight down into the water for fish.  The following day they were gone.

Today there were lots of them  but unfortunately they stayed mostly across the lake and only a few times came within range of my camera.  Right now for all birds in flight it seems 1/1000-sec is the slowest shutter speed you dare shoot at.  I had more range than that but didn't figure that out right away so I head back tomorrow and if they are there I will try some different settings.  

This is a true action shot but not as sharp and dramatic as is could be.  Hopefully, if they are back tomorrow,  I'll find a spot closer to the action.

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