Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Photo of the Day....................Last Day???

The old saying "Out of sight. Out of Mind" rings so very true for the internet.  Especially for blogging and tweeting.  

I have my photography computer back up and running.  I had to reload the operating system.  Reload all the application software.  Reload all my working photos and then reload a new anti-virus.  The McAfee would never reload so I installed Norton 360, and on first glance the Norton Anti-virus is very impressive.  Did I say that since I could not find the wireless adapter driver anywhere I installed a new adapter?     

Everything is up and running beautifully except for Flash Player so I still have video issues. I think I am on the verge of solving that issue too. 

For you who are actually reading this blog here is a wonderful video created by taking a photo approximately every 2 miles on a flight from San Francisco to Paris using a Canon EOS 5D Mark-2 camera

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